Dirty Roulette – A Review

What’s in Dirty Roulette?


If you’ve been on the hunt for gay porn, you’ll be happy to know that the latest downloadable freebie is Dirty Roulette. It’s a compilation of straight gay porn and features most of the top performers in the business. It’s the next best thing to watching them in person.

If you’re new to the scene and don’t know where to look, this is the place to go. This free gay porn video is only available on their site, so if you want to try out their videos, you’ll have to download it.

Hottest porn stars

Hottest porn stars

The movie features many of the hottest porn stars in the business including Luke Sims, Kyle Capriati, Sebastian King, Kirk Knight, Brad Armstrong, Thomas Black, and Peter O’Brien. These performers are some of the best in the business, and you’ll never see a better collection of gay porn from these talented performers than Dirty Roulette.

As with all of the best porn, Dirty Roulette is produced with hardcore in mind. You’ll see all kinds of gay sex, which include hard banging, g-spot pressure, and lots of masturbation. This makes the video’s very fun to watch, and the scenes actually feel like real life sexual encounters.

For instance, you’ll see Luke Sims and Kyle Capriati get very close in the bedroom, and by the end of the scene, they’re both naked in bed and ready for some rough fucking. There’s not a lot of talking during the dirty gay porn, but there is plenty of fucking.

You’ll also find that Luke Sims and Thomas Black, two of the top gay porn stars in the business, are featured in Dirty Roulette. Some of the scenes feature some of the same couples. You’ll see David Davis and Scott Glaze, whose scenes come second, and Dwayne Jones and Jared Palmer who are third.

The movie’s plot is very different, too. Instead of being a story about two guys who go out of town for a vacation, the movie has a much different storyline. It takes place in a car, in front of a motel room, and goes way past their first date.

What does Dirty Roulette features?

What does Dirty Roulette features?

Dirty Roulette features loads of gay porn that includes four-way action, double penetration, and lots of moaning and gasping from the male performers. All of the top performers in the business are featured in this movie, so you’ll be hard pressed to find gay porn this hot anywhere else. If you’ve been struggling to find something as hardcore as this gay porn is, you can’t go wrong with Dirty Roulette.

Another great thing about Dirty Roulette is the excellent production value. Everything looks like it’s put together very well, which makes the movie enjoyable to watch.

The video contains all of the scenes you’d expect to see in a straight porn. You’ll see lots of intense male-on-male action, lots of oral sex, sex toys, penetration, and lots of fingering and rubbing.

The video contains three different endings. The first time you see it, the movie is called “Part 1” and you’ll get to see Luke Sims suck Kyle Capriati’s big black cock.

The second time you see Dirty Roulette, it’s called “Part 2” and you’ll watch Kyle Capriati, Luke Sims, and Bradley Bartholomew take turns fucking each other while David Davis and Scott Glaze get busy on each other. And finally, when you get to the last scene of the movie, it’s called “Part 3,” and you’ll see DwayneJones and Jared Palmer getting it on, which is the best ending to a great gay porn.

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